NRG Insurance

Working smart ahead of the trends

We were green before it was cool.

Did lean before it was mainstream.

Telecommuted when we only had dial up—painful but useful!

Encouraged lunch time naps—now ALL the rage!

Had a gym years ago before wellness at work was even on the radar.

Had a business coach for all of the staff and did sabbaticals for years.

Did away with vacation policies because our employees take time when they need it.

Were always small and mighty but way ahead of the curve!

Working “work” into our lives is a holistic point of view we subscribe to mentally, physically, and financially

NRG continually works to innovate the way we work and we’re not afraid to shake up normal business routines. Heck, sometimes, we even work out together with a trainer who does onsite visits. We’ve had meditation classes, Feldenkrais, NLP, continuous quality, employee appreciation training, as well as tons and tons of insurance education (which goes without saying). NRG pays for any education employees want and gives them time off to volunteer if they choose. It’s our way of weaving work into our lives. In a digital society, seamless integration is key, but it also has to work for us as an organization, our clients, AND our employees.

Interested in how Michelle Rupp, CEO of NRG does it? Ask her to speak at your next event. Inspiring. Educational. NRGetic.