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Michelle Rupp is an engaging business personality with an infectious energy and a rapid-fire delivery that makes her a great, entertaining speaker for your next event. She can speak on the subjects of insurance, staffing, customer service, health, and local philanthropy. Her story captures the ups and downs of doing business in a virtual economy and why you need to find balance wherever or however you can to survive.

In her own words…

In the last several years, our business has gone completely virtual and back to a small location with hired staff capable of selling and adapting to the ever-changing marketplace of insurance and the world in general. Along the way, we have encountered every kind of issue and worked past the difficult times to create a business that thrives on the strengths of its individuals and works as a team supporting not just our customers, but each other.

Our business model is not to separate personal and commercial, but rather combine these two disciplines. Our niche is middle market, and owners and controllers of this business see no difference between their business insurance and their personal insurance and would like one person to handle both. We are still building our expertise and staff to accommodate that but have made great strides and our numbers are proving that. We have staff in Oregon, Washington, and Connecticut and use contract workers throughout the country when called for.

Our journey has been far from conventional but has been fruitful and filled with learning. As many of our contemporaries have sold their agencies to national brokers, NRG remains standing as an independent boutique. Our story, service, and brand resonate with the Seattle way of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Our future continues to be very bright indeed!

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