NRG Insurance for Independent thinkers.

Independent Thinkers

We’re for the fringes. The outsiders. The innovators. The odd ducks. The independent thinkers. The people who aren’t served by the mainstream institutions. And just like you, we’re not satisfied with status quo and believe there’s a better way.

NRG’s unique approach to management ensures that every employee contributes, is valued, actually has some fun at work—and treats our clients’ interests with as much care as their own. This means that you can expect more from us than you might be used to: more initiative, fewer errors, and remarkably better service.

What we do

We help our clients navigate the complexities of the insurance business — from finding the insurance provider that offers the best coverage to making sure that claims get paid promptly.

We have the expertise to handle auto and homeowners Insurance as well as business insurance coverage for a wide range of industry types and sizes. As independent insurance brokers, we have access to, and leverage with, a broad range of companies—who will end up competing for your business. Looking for life and health insurance? We know some great people that we’d be happy to refer you to.

We work best with our clients who value our experience and advice and want to partner with a trusted advisor vs. paying someone to simply broker transactions. It’s our business to get the best price and coverage combination for you, not only to fulfill our professional goals, but also to keep your business. We always negotiate aggressively with all of our carriers—and we’re as delighted as you when we can deliver a well-priced product.

Work, Life, Community, Environment.

We believe that work (even insurance…) should be a source of joy. And that happy people provide better service.

That’s why we offer flexible work hours and support telecommuting. That’s why we’ve worked with the Mayo Clinic on movement at work, have sit/stand desks, and all work out from 8 to 9 every morning. That’s why we’ve received a spot on Washington’s Best Places to Work. That’s why we received the Sloan Award for Workplace Flexibility. That’s why we’ve got a gong in our lobby (seriously). And that’s why our experienced staff—who have plenty of other options—choose to stay here.

We believe in building local communities.

That’s why we’ve taught classes on entrepreneurship for the College Success Foundation and several local high schools. That’s why we donate to ArtsFund. That’s why we participate in the Washington Business Alliance and the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS).  That’s why we are a member of Seattle Good Business Network and a founding partner of Seattle Made. And that’s why we helped start both the Port of Seattle’s Working Wheels program and the Northgate Chamber and sponsor events for Phinney Neighborhood Association and Seattle Folklife Festival.

B-Corp logoWe believe in preserving the environment.

That’s why we run our business according to the principles of the Triple Bottom Line and why we became a Certified B Corp. That’s why we were the first brokerage in the U.S. to go carbon-neutral and why the EPA awarded us with the distinguished “Business in Green” award (now over 10 years ago!). That’s also why you’ll spot our fleet of electric Smart Cars around Seattle and our first Smart Car (2005!) tooling around Spokane!