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Monday, April 10th, 2017

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In the course of packing, plotting, car checkups, and assembling routes, the most important step in planning a road trip is lost to most: checking your insurance policy. One flat tire, fender bender, or a missed event can ruin undertakings further down the road. Fifteen minutes with your insurance agent and these four inquiries can help you avoid issues before you take off:
Are all drivers covered under my policy?
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The short of the matter is yes. When a friend occasionally drives your car, your insurance coverage follows the vehicle. If a member of your household frequently drives your car—a spouse, child, relative—we advise adding them to your policy.
 The process is super simple. Just call your agent or carrier and let them you would like to add a member of your household as an additional driver. If the addition is experienced and has a good driving record, it shouldn’t cost much, if anything.
Does my car insurance apply in states with different minimums or different countries?
Each state has it’s own unique car insurance minimum. Fortunately, if you are covered in a state with a smaller insurance minimum than a state you may be driving into, your insurance policy is still valid. This differs when you drive into another country. 
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Most car insurance policies allow travel into Canada but won’t cover trips into Mexico. Your agent can confirm this. If you are driving into Mexico, you need to purchase liability coverage from a company that is licensed in Mexico. You can buy a policy at the border, or purchase beforehand online. 
Do I have Roadside assistance?
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Before you pay for roadside assistance, check with your insurance agent or company. It may already be included in your policy, although it’s import to understand the extent of services covered.
As an alternative, some insurance carriers will reimburse you if you need towing. 
Would I benefit from travel insurance?
Once you invest in travel insurance, you won’t take another trip without it. The insurance covers losses you may experience related to your travel plans.
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In the case of a road trip, it could help cover trip cancellation costs, emergency medical coverage, lost or stolen baggage, costs associated with trip interruptions, and losses suffered if you are unable to attend paid scheduled excursions or tours. Most policies offer stellar value priced at just 5 to 12 percent of the cost of the trip.
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Safe travels and don’t forget to stop by.

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