NRG Umbrellas

Umbrella-car-homeLooking for an Insurance Quote?

How do you get started in this foreign insurance world? First and foremost, you need to think “shop for a broker,” instead of “shop for a quote.” Find one like you do your most trusted advisors—your attorney, CPA, or web designer. Then let them shop FOR you.

If you call multiple agents/brokers, you will ultimately compete against yourself. Each one will end up taking your application to the same company and find that someone has been there already. This is inefficient and frustrating for everyone. It is NOT in your best interest. In our business, one quote per customer! Rates are published and approved by the insurance commissioner, so every broker gets the same rate. The devil is in the details. Save your time to understand what you are buying!

A simple approach

Trusted Choice Logo We talk with you—but mostly listen. Then we analyze your needs, develop a risk profile, and recommend options, including—but not limited to—insurance. We say that we sell through education. Our best days are when a client or potential client says, “I never knew that. Nobody has ever taken the time to explain that to me.”

So if you choose to do business with us, please go straight to one of our online forms and complete it as thoroughly as possible, and trust us to get you the best value for your insurance dollar.

Looking to speak with a real human being? We’d love to help you out. Just give us a call at 206-363-1110.