In the event of a power outage and you are not able to reach us at NRG Insurance and you need to file a claim due to the windstorm, please contact your insurance company directly. We have provided the phone numbers below.

Safeco 800-332-3326

MetLife 800-854-6011

Please be safe!

Insurance Coverage for Independent Thinkers

We’re NRG Insurance, a Seattle-based independent insurance brokerage with a long history of doing things differently. We specialize in personal, business, and auto insurance and we love what we do. We take a modern approach to insurance because the world changes in a heartbeat. That’s also why clients bring us in. We keep an eye on industry trends, read the fine print, negotiate the best deals, and suggest innovative approaches. And we communicate it all in plain English. Meanwhile, you’ll be free to focus on the rest of your life.


Personal Insurance

At NRG, we don’t just sell you insurance — we advise you in navigating an incredibly complex insurance system, and we go to bat for you. Not just during times of crisis but for day-to-day needs as well.


Business Insurance

As an independent broker, we’re not linked to a single provider. That means we have access to virtually unlimited policies that can be bundled into a unique package that meets your business needs.


Working Smart, Working Well.

Working smart is about keeping a holistic point of view—mentally, physically and financially. Learn how we’ve kept ahead of the curve while weaving wellness into our work lives.

Fine Print

Sit tight- it’s Michelle and I’m jumping on my band wagon!

The insurance industry has sold their clients short by deciding it is too hard to talk about coverage.  They reduce this really important and HUGE financial investment to a dollars and cents decision. Let me speak to the women out there:  When was the last time you went into a store, or online to buy […]

The sharing economy continues to grow, and it is in search of new drivers!

The insurance industry and Uber/Lyft/airbnb, etc. have begun evolving their practices and policies to address your needs when you use these services to enhance your income. HOWEVER, these companies are not as quick to the game as some might assume. The real innovation in protection of clients, drivers, and hosts is yet to come: insurance […]

Cybersecurity Risks

Almost every type of business these days collects client data – full names, dates of birth, social security numbers and payment information, among other sensitive information. Since today’s marketplace requires every professional to be connected to the Internet, it is imperative that they keep this accumulated sensitive data safe. There is no better way to ensure […]

Day 7, Still No Power

Having a wood only heat source certainly limits the temperature in most of the house. The living room are 67 degrees which was pleasant if that was the only room. However the bedrooms and bathroom are ice. Running through lighters and running out of candle has been tough, stores are out of stock due to […]