Insurance Coverage for Independent Thinkers

We’re NRG Insurance, a Seattle-based independent insurance brokerage with a long history of doing things differently. We specialize in personal, business, and auto insurance across Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, and Arizona. We take a modern approach to insurance because the world changes in a heartbeat and we love what we do. That’s also why clients bring us in. We keep an eye on industry trends, read the fine print, negotiate the best deals, and suggest innovative approaches. And we communicate it all in plain English. Meanwhile, you’ll be free to focus on the rest of your life.


Personal Insurance

At NRG, we don’t just sell you insurance — we advise you in navigating an incredibly complex insurance system, and we go to bat for you. Not just during times of crisis but for day-to-day needs as well.


Business Insurance

As an independent broker, we’re not linked to a single provider. That means we have access to virtually unlimited policies that can be bundled into a unique package that meets your business needs.


Working Smart, Working Well.

Working smart is about keeping a holistic point of view—mentally, physically and financially. Learn how we’ve kept ahead of the curve while weaving wellness into our work lives.

Fine Print


Now, for the first time in two decades, research produced on behalf of the Governors Highway Safety Association reveals we’ve had 6,000 pedestrian deaths across the U.S. in 2016 alone.


We certainly never expected to find ourselves lodged in a reality where the EPA is being slashed into non-existence. While our current administration is failing to support vital programs affecting drinking water, climate change, and food controls—the essentials we all need—we’ve been taking things into our own hands.

Road Trip Prep

In the course of packing, plotting, car checkups, and assembling routes, the most important step in planning a road trip is lost to most: checking your insurance policy. One flat tire, fender bender, or a missed event can ruin undertakings further down the road. Fifteen minutes with your insurance agent and these four inquiries can […]

Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Why we buy women-owned and how you can do it too Being an insurance brokerage, most people tend to group our business in with bankers, accountants, and sometimes even car salesmen. This inevitably comes with images of men selling things in suits—definitely not any of us. We’re a women-owned and operated business with a completely […]